[R-0077] S7. Family and Community

Citation: Center for Parent Information and Resources [Webpage]. (2017). Parent Technical Assistant Centers. [or enter Parent Technical Assistant Centersin your search window].

Abstract: At this site, you will find links to information on national and regional assistance centers that provide support and training to parents of children with disabilities. Parents can click on Parent Centers/Find Your Parent Center link to find the parent center in their state that will help them participate effectively in the education of their children at home and at school.

Integration: The links presented at this fit well with content presented in Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Child, Family and Community.

Content Focus: Child, Family and Community; Early Childhood; Early Intervention; Family Assistance; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Parent Information; Parent Resources; Parent Rights; Parent Participation; Special Education; States

Notes: Have students visit the website of their nearest parent assistance center to identify the services they provide. An important resource to have students watch is the video Google Hangout-Celebrate the 30th birthday of IDEA, Part B, Section 619 and IDEA, Part C which clarifies the role parent centers play in helping families of children in need of special education services. The video is 31:29 minutes and the section addressing family engagement starts at 14:19 minutes.