[R-0037] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. (2014). Intentional Teaching. Video. Retrieved from site [or enter “Intentional Teaching” in the YouTube search window].

Abstract: The goal of this 4:26-minute video is to provide a description of what teachers do during the instructional approach of intentional teaching and why researchers believe this approach is important to children’s learning. Clips of teachers and children learning together are included.

Integration: The skills described and depicted in this video fit well with content presented in the early childhood courses Child Development, Child Guidance, Creative Activities, Curriculum Planning, Exploration Activities, Language and Literacy Experiences, and Social and Emotional Development.

Content Focus: Back and Forth Exchange; Child Development; Child Guidance; Conversation; Creative Activities; Curriculum Planning; Exploration Activities; Instructional Planning; Instructional Strategies; Intentional Teaching; Language and Literacy Experiences; Social and Emotional Development

Notes: In high-quality inclusive early childhood settings, teachers develop and use varied instructional strategies to meet the needs of their diverse learners. Have students view the 5:15-minute video The Bakery-Supporting Children to Succeed in the Dramatic Play Center and document what the teacher does to increase child understanding, self-regulation, and social skills.