[R-0005] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: Inclusive Schools Network. (2015). Quality indicators of inclusive early childhood programs/practices: A compilation of selected resources. Webpage. Retrieved from http://inclusiveschools.org/quality-indicators-of-inclusive-early-childhood-programspractices/ or enter “Quality Indicators of Inclusive Early Childhood Programs/Practices” in your search window.

Abstract: “Available resources and indicators of high quality inclusive practices are presented in this compilation. Excerpts and adaptations of the resources are intended to provide some familiarity with the content of each resource and encourage further examination via links to more complete information. National and state-developed resources contained within this document have been designed for a variety of audiences, and may be useful for families, practitioners, program administrators, technical assistance personnel, researchers, and state administrators” (from webpage).

Integration: The information presented in this article fits well with content presented in the early childhood course Curriculum Planning.

Content Focus: Assessment; Child Care; Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS); Classroom Observation Rating Tools; DEC Recommended Practices; Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP); Quality Inclusive Early Childhood Programs; Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Notes: Have students visit an inclusive early childhood setting and use one or more of the following tools described in this resource to assess the environment: The Preschool Assessment of Classroom Environment Scale; Choosing Quality Childcare for a Child with Special Needs; Questions to Consider in Universal Designed Learning (UDL); Observations of Early Childhood Environments; and/or Quality Inclusive Early Childhood Programs: 10 Things to Look For. Students may also want to use the new DEC Recommended Practices revised in 2014 or information found on the webpage of the Inclusive Schools Network website titled Elements of Inclusive Education for Early Childhood Programs