[R-0012] S8. Ethical Practice

Citation: nprED (2013). Summer reading for your woke kid. Webpage. Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/07/06/534443123/summer-reading-for-your-woke-kid or enter “Summer reading for your woke kid” in your search window.

Abstract: At this page, you will find a list of children’s books by authors who use their own experiences to address social issues. Each book is represented by a color picture of its cover and a brief description of its content.

Integration: The information presented in this article fits well with content presented in the early childhood course Language and Literacy Experiences.

Content Focus: Advocacy; Dual Language Learners; Diversity; English Language Learners; Inclusion; Literacy; Picture Books; Read-Aloud Books; Social Issues

Notes: Have students watch and listen to Tom Morello reading A Is for Activist and then take notes as they watch Strategies for Reading Aloud to Young Children. In small groups, have students plan and document how they will apply the strategies for reading aloud to young children to the narrative for A is for Activist.