[R-0021] S5. Assessment

Citation: Early Childhood Videos. (2016). Documenting Children’s Learning. Video. Available from site [or go to the YouTube site and enter “Documenting Children’s Learning” in the search window].

Abstract: Documenting how children are learning is an important activity for early childhood professionals to engage in on a regular basis. In this 10:42-minute video, Judy Harris Helm of Best Practices, Inc. discusses why documentation is so critical and identifies some of the different purposes of documentation. Two preschool teachers and one toddler teacher describe the various ways they document as well as how they use documentation to help achieve different goals. Clips of children learning in early childhood classrooms are included.

Integration: The content presented in this video may be infused in any and all early childhood courses.

Content Focus: Adaptations; Assessment; Blog; Classroom Organization; Communication; Curriculum Planning; Developmentally Appropriate Learning; Documentation; Domains; Early Childhood Intervention; Electronic Portfolios; Evaluation; Family; Modification; Play-Based Learning; Reflection; Standard; Work Samples

Notes: Have students take notes on the different types of documentation, the ways to match documentation to a specific activity, and the ways to use information gathered through documentation. Have them file these notes in their Assessment folder. Questions for reflection to be addressed after viewing this video are available at the Documenting Children’s Learning webpage.