[R-0029] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Milbourne, S. & Campbell, P. (2007). CARA’s Kit: Creating Adaptations for Routines and Activities. Retrieved from site search.

Abstract: Cara’s Kit- Teacher Version: Creating Adaptations for Routines and Activities; this version contains: booklet about adaptations & CD ROM with resources

Integration: Promoting childrens participation in the early childhood curriculum is the goal of CARAs Kit. This kit provides guidance for how to make adaptations for daily activities and routines so that children ages 3-6 years can successfully participate in the classroom curriculum. The kit also features (in English and Spanish):
Adaptation notes.
Checklist of priorities and concerns.
Adaptation matrix.
The Teacher Version contains a booklet about adaptations and a CD with additional resources.

Content Focus: Inclusion; Language and Literacy Experiences

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