[R-0031] S1. Laws, Policies, Procedures, and Ethical Principles

Citation: DEC. (2009). Code of Ethics. Retrieved from [site]

Abstract: The Code of Ethics of the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) of the Council for Exceptional Children is a public statement of principles and practice guidelines supported by the mission of DEC. The foundation of this Code is based on sound ethical reasoning related to professional practice with young children with disabilities and their families and with interdisciplinary colleagues. Foremost, is our value of respecting the autonomy of families as they make decisions for their young children with disabilities while also practicing a mutual respect for our colleagues in the field. We, as early childhood professionals, practice within the principles and guidelines outlined below as well as uphold the laws and regulations of our professional licensure standards.

Integration: The Codes purpose is to: (1) identify the key principles guiding our professional conduct; and (2) provide guidance for practice and personal dilemmas in our conduct of research and practice. The Code is intended to assist professionals in resolving conflicts as they arise in practice with children and families and with other colleagues.

Content Focus: Inclusion; Language and Literacy Experiences

Notes: Very useful resource.