[R-0032] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Ford, K. (2017). 8 Strategies for preschool ELL’s language and literacy development. Webpage. Retrieved from http://www.colorincolorado.org/article/8-strategies-preschool-ells-language-and-literacy-development or enter “8 Strategies for preschool ELL’s language and literacy development” in your search window.

Abstract: The article on this webpage presents classroom strategies for promoting the language and literacy skills of English language learners attending inclusive early childhood programs.

Integration: The information presented in this article fits well with content presented in the early childhood course Language and Literacy Experiences.

Content Focus: Classroom Strategies; Curriculum Planning; Diversity; Dual Language Learners; English Language Learners; Inclusion; Language and Literacy Experiences; Literacy Skills

Notes: After watching the video The Story Chair with Chris Singing “Old MacDonald had a Dragon” by Ken Baker have students identify classroom strategies for promoting language and literacy skills that are presented in the lesson plan, Phonemic Alliteration: Delightful Dragon’s Amazing Alliterations.