[R-0040] S7. Family and Community

Citation: CONNECT. (2013). CONNECT Module # 3 Communication for Collaboration. Retrieved from http://community.fpg.unc.edu/connect-modules/learners/module-3

Abstract: Describe effective practices for communicating with professionals and families in the context of early education and intervention. Use a decision-making process to select communication practices linked to specific purposes including attending and active listening, seeking and verifying, and supporting and joining.

Integration: Each CONNECT Module focuses on a discrete practice in a key content area (e.g., inclusion, family-professional partnerships, transition) and is organized around the 5-Step Learning CycleÖ. The 5-Step Learning CycleÖ is an innovative approach for making evidence-based practice decisions. It is based on realistic problems to solve and the importance of integrating multiple perspectives and sources of evidence. CONNECT Modules provide videos, activities and narratives that will guide you through a process to learn about serving children with disabilities effectively.

Content Focus: Family-Centered Practices; Inclusion; Teaming and Collaboration; Introduction to Early Childhood

Notes: Excellent resource for teachers and very easy to use. All Modules are available in Spanish.