[R-0065] S3. Child Development

Citation: Doreen Deede. (2012). About Emma-Daily challenges for a toddler with quadriplegic cerebral palsy . Retrieved July 16, 2015 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4_VSbD5a-Y

Abstract: This 10:14 minute video introduces the viewer to a young child named Emma who is identified with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Information from the video will help scholars select DEC Recommended Practices that will guide their plans for teaching a child identified with multiple disabilities in an inclusive setting.

Integration: Skills shown in this video will help scholars demonstrate knowledge of best practices for early childhood inclusion as they relate to DEC Recommended Practices.

Content Focus: Evidence-Based Practices; Inclusion; Multiple Disabilities; Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy; Children with Exceptionalities

Notes: An example of an activity to use with this resource is as follows: Have scholars complete the following assignment after viewing About Emma. Imagine that you are a preschool teacher of children with diverse abilities in an inclusive classroom. To meet all state and federal requirements for those children on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), you are reviewing their evaluation and IEP reports to plan for best practices and accommodations for them. One child has been identified with quadriplegic cerebral palsy which affects her four limbs. She fluctuates between spasticity and floppiness which makes it hard for her to control her balance. Her spasticity prevents her from speaking. She cannot sit without support and she cannot grip objects. Answer each question by using a DEC Recommended Practice.

  • Example: Question-How will you combine the learning of social skills with literacy? Answer– I will embed instruction within and across routines, activities, and environments to provide contextually relevant learning opportunities. (DEC Recommended Practice Instruction 5)
  • Question-What special evidence-based strategies will be implemented with this child?
  • Question-How will you determine if they are working?
  • Question-How will you provide opportunities for this child to learn how to work with her peers, especially in a group?
  • Question-How will you determine this child’s strengths and interests?
  • Question-How will you make skills relevant to this child?