[R-0068] S1. Laws, Policies, Procedures, and Ethical Principles

Citation: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). (2017). Website. Retrieved from: http://www.naeyc.org/ [or enter NAEYCin your search window].

Abstract: This website is the creation of The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which is a professional membership organization working to promote high-quality early learning for all young children, birth through age 8, by connecting early childhood practice, policy, and research. NAEYC is the foremost professional association for the early childhood field and its NAEYC accreditation is the gold standard for early childhood programs across the country. NAEYC promotes a shared vision of excellence in the preparation of early childhood professionals through accreditation and other initiatives that are responsive to the needs of individual children and communities. Position statements found at this site address anti-discrimination practices, ethical conduct, developmentally appropriate practice, early childhood program standards, standards for professional preparation. Information on issues in early childhood include child abuse prevention; curriculum, assessment, and program evaluation; diversity; early learning standards; academics, licensing and public regulation, and technology among others.

Integration: The information and links presented at this website fit well with content presented in Child Development; Child, Family and Community; Infants, Toddlers and Twos; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; and Health, Safety, and Nutrition.

Content Focus: Academics; Accreditation; Anti-Discrimination; Assessment; Child Abuse Prevention; Child Development; Child, Family and Community; Curriculum; Developmentally Appropriate Practice; Diversity; Early Childhood Preparation; Early Childhood Programs; Early Childhood Program Standards; Early Learning Standards; Ethical Conduct; Families; Health, Safety, and Nutrition; Individualized Education Program (IEP); Infants, Toddlers and Twos; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Learning and Development; Licensing; Literacy; Parent Rights; Policy; Position Statements; Practice; Professional Development; Professional Organization; Program Evaluation; Public Regulation; Research; Standards for Professional Preparation; Technology

Notes: Have students click on Topics in the main menu bar, choosing and reporting on five resources that provide useful content and skills for working in early intervention or early childhood inclusive settings.