[R-0071] S7. Family and Community

Citation: Salisbury, C.L., Woods, J., & Christina Copeland (2010). Provider perspectives on adopting and using collaborative consultation in natural environments. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 30, 132-147.

Abstract: This article describes an exploratory case study to investigate the perspectives and experiences of six early intervention providers as they adopted and implemented a collaborative consultation approach to home visiting in urban neighborhoods.

Integration: Instructors can use resources within this module to improve students’ abilities to collaborate with parents and therapists, support staff, and health care providers.

Content Focus: Collaboration; Child, Family, and Community

Notes: Additional articles on the benefits of collaborative communication are:

Campbell, P. H., & Sawyer, L.B. (2009). Changing early intervention providers? Home visiting skills through participation in professional development. Topics in Early childhood Special education, 28, 219-234.

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