[R-0073] S7. Family and Community

Citation: Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (2006). First Steps: A Guide for Parents of Young Children with Developmental Disabilities. Tallahassee, FL: Author. http://www.fddc.org/publications/first-steps

Abstract: This guide for parents is available in English and Spanish and can be retrieved from http://www.fddc.org/sites/default/files/file/publications/first_steps/FSSTEPSEngColor01-05.pdf

Integration: Students can add this resource to the list of resources they will create for parents of students with disabilities.

Content Focus: Collaboration; Engaging in Informed Advocacy for Children and the Profession; Child, Family, and Community

Notes: On page eight of the guide is the essay “Welcome to Holland,” a unique look at having a child with a disability from a parent’s perspective. This essay can be retrieved from at: http://www.our-kids.org/Archives/Holland.html

The Federal definition of Developmental Disabilities can be retrieved from the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Website [http://www.fddc.org/federal_law].


Additional resources available on this website include:

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