[R-0087] S6. Social Interactions

Citation: O’Neill, B. (2013). Improvisational play interventions: Fostering social-emotional development in inclusive classrooms. Young Children, 68(3), 62-69.

Abstract: This article defines improv and suggests ways teachers can use it as a tool to promote the social competence and inclusion of children who need support to develop their social and play skills.

Integration: Although this article describes the use of this intervention with a child whose IEP includes identified social-emotional needs, it is an intervention that would be enjoyed by all children.

Content Focus: IEP; Inclusion; Play; Social-Emotional Development; Social and Emotional Development

Notes: Especially helpful are the nine improvisational play intervention-tips for teachers listed in this article. Use the Improv Encyclopedia website http://improvencyclopedia.org/ a resource for improvisational play activities.