[R-0093] S6. Social Interactions

Citation: TK California. (2012). Social-emotional teaching strategies. Webpage. Retrieved from site or enter “TK California 2012 Social-emotional teaching strategies” in your search window.

Abstract: This article provides information on the role of the teacher in promoting social-emotional development. It also provides a chart to guide teachers as they model seven social-emotional competencies and embed them in the day-to-day activities within a preschool classroom.

Integration: The information presented on this webpage fits well with content presented in the early childhood courses Child Guidance and Social-Emotional Development.

Content Focus: Child Guidance; Explicit Guidance; Play; Problem-Solving Skills; Social and Emotional Development; Social-Emotional Learning

Notes: After students review and discuss each chart at the bottom of this webpage, have them dramatize the scenarios presented to help them practice and master teacher competencies and behaviors that promote the social-emotional development of young children.