[R-0110] S1. Laws, Policies, Procedures, and Ethical Principles

[R-0110] Early Child Administration II

Citation: World of Inclusion. (2015, April 29). Inclusion working in 2015-primary school. [Video file]. Retrieved from World of Inclusion [or type “inclusion working in 2015 primary school video” in your search window]

Abstract: Scholars will be able to view teachers and students working at the inclusive Emersons Green Primary School in this 10:49 minute video. In this school children are not identified as “low, middle, or high ability” but are treated as individuals. Teachers plan strategic lessons for the goals of building, applying and extending content and skills.

Integration: In this video, one of the educators at the school states that, “If you want a society to be made up of people with different skills and different abilities and for everybody to see everybody as people rather than see their disability first, then you need to start it from a very early age; you need the school to reflect how you want society to be—when you get out into the real world.”

Content Focus: Academic Development, Augmentative and Assistive Communication and Technology, Buddy System, Inclusion, Social-Emotional Development; Early Child Administration II

Notes: Have students note examples of Augmentative and Assistive Communication and Technology they observe children using in this video. What other adaptations do they see or hear about in this video?