[R-0117] S8. Ethical Practice

Citation: The OSEP Part C Settings Community of Practice co-facilitated by the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) and the Southeast Regional Resource Center (SERRC). (Producers). (2004). Carl J. Dunst, presenter: Enhancing children’s learning in natural environments [Power Point Presentation]. Available from http://nectac.org/~calls/2004/partcsettings/dunst.asp

Abstract: This presentation provides information on key elements of natural learning environment practices including the purpose of early intervention, supporting parents’ confidence and competence, enhancing children’s everyday learning and development, the qualities of development-enhancing learning opportunities, research foundations and findings, and research-based practice guides.

Integration: This presentation contains lists of natural learning environment websites, videos, practice guides, resource materials, and training opportunities.

Content Focus: Early Intervention; Family; Infants and Toddlers; Natural Learning Environment; Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

Notes: This presentation was part of a Web-Based Conference Call Series sponsored by the OSEP Part C Settings Community of Practice.