[R-0124] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: Kelly Bell. (2010). Best practices and accommodations for an emotional disability. Retrieved July 16, 2015 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE-U9oj133o

Abstract: This 2:37 minute video reviews the steps a general education teacher takes when a child receiving special education services and supports is placed in her classroom. Information provided by this resource relates to DEC Recommended Practices.

Integration: The processes described in this video will help scholars demonstrate knowledge of best practices for inclusion as they relate to DEC Recommended Practices.

Content Focus: Accommodations; Emotional Disability; Evidence-Based Practices; Children with Exceptionalities

Notes: An example of an activity to use with this resource is as follows: Have scholars complete the following assignment after viewing Best Practices and Accommodations for an Emotional Disability. Imagine that you are a preschool teacher of children with diverse abilities in an inclusive classroom. To meet all state and federal requirements for children receiving support services on an Individualized Education Program (IEP), you are reviewing their evaluation and IEP reports to plan for best practices and accommodations for them. One child has been identified with an emotional disability that causes her to demonstrate impulsive, distractible, and sometimes oppositional behavior. She also demonstrates difficulty working with her peers especially in situations when grouping is necessary. Answer each question by using a DEC Recommended Practice.

  • Example: Question-What you will do to clarify the general and special education teachers’ roles and responsibilities to meet the goals on this child’s IEP? Answer- I will use communication and group facilitation strategies to enhance team functioning and interpersonal relationships with and among team members. (DEC Recommended Practice Team Collaboration 3)
  • Question-What will you do to ensure ongoing collaboration with parents and the child’s support team?
  • Question-How will you individualize instruction for this child? (Include changes in presentation of content and response accommodations.)
  • Question-How will you determine if this child is making progress toward her classroom and IEP goals? (In other words, how will you determine if individualized instruction, strategies, and supports are working?)
  • Question-How will you enhance this child’s concept development?