[R-0135] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute. (2006-2014). Center for Innovative and Promising Practices website: Retrieved from http://puckett.org/centers.php

Abstract: The Center for Innovative and Promising Practices (CIPP) focuses on the development and use of innovative and promising approaches to early intervention, early childhood education, parent and family support, and related practices. The development and adoption of promising practices are guided by a conceptual and practical framework that operationalizes the promotional, asset-based, and capacity-building characteristics of practices and how these characteristics are related to positive outcomes and consequences. CIPP staff develop and implement promising practices that advance understanding of the empirical foundations of a promotional approach to learning and development. Center activities are guided by paradigms and models that encourage the adoption of innovative approaches to strengthening child, parent, and family functioning. [website]

Integration: The focus of the Puckett Institute’s Research and Training Center (RTC) on Early Childhood Development is implementing applied research that improves interventions associated with the healthy mental, behavioral, communication, pre-literacy, social-emotional, and interpersonal development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with or at risk for developmental disabilities. RTC information is designed specifically for parents, therapists, early childhood educators, and early interventionists, as well as researchers. The integration of research and practice is guided by conceptual and methodological frameworks that emphasize the identification of practices that are associated with positive consequences and outcomes. [website]

Other information on the Puckett Institute website will help educators implement strategies that promote the self-awareness, self-regulation, self-control, self-reliance, self-esteem and independence in children and their families.

Content Focus: Coaching; Natural Learning Environment; Primary Coach Approach; Dr. Carl Dunst; Child Development II

Notes: Puckett Institute presentations may be retrieved from http://utilization.info/presentations.php.