[R-0142] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: Rocky Bay. (2010). Positive AACtion Information Kit for Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) Teams. Information Kit. Retrieved from http://www.rockybay.org.au/resources/aackit/ [or enter “Rocky Bay: Positive AACtion Information Kit for AAC Teams” in your search window].

Abstract: The Positive AACtion Information Kit for AAC Teams was developed to assist parents, teachers and others involved in selecting and using communication devices for school-aged children.

Integration: The information presented in this video fits well with content presented in Child Development and Curriculum Planning.

Content Focus: Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) Goals; Child Development; Curriculum Planning; Families; Literacy; Prompting; Service Providers; Speech Development; Strategies; Teachers; Transitions

Notes: Group students and let each group select from over thirty topics presented in this information kit. After researching a topic, students will create a class presentation on practices, strategies, and interventions that support learning in an early childhood inclusive setting.