[R-0155] S5. Assessment

Citation: TK California. (nd). How to use formative assessment in the TK classroom. Retrieved from site.

Abstract: This website is directed toward preschool teachers and includes information on the following:

  • A suggested process for formative assessment
  • Examples of lesson-embedded formative assessment opportunities
  • Using key early learning documents to plan formative assessment
  • Formative assessment and dual language/ELL learners
  • Formative assessment and response to intervention/special needs
  • Formative assessment classroom example snapshots
  • Link to a transitional kindergarten “on-the-go” formative assessment kit

Integration: This resource may be used when teaching DEC Recommended Practice A9: Practitioners implement systematic ongoing assessment to identify learning targets, plan activities, and monitor the child’s progress to revise instruction as needed.

Content Focus: Dual Language Learners, English Language Learners, Formative Assessment, Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten; Curriculum Planning

Notes: The TK California website has information for preschool teachers on social-emotional development, English language arts, mathematics, English language development, family engagement, classroom environment, differentiated instruction, culturally responsive teaching, assessment, and sample lesson planning.