[R-0162] S3. Child Development

Citation: NAEYC. (2016). Nurturing creativity. Webinar. Retrieved from site [or go to the YouTube site and enter “Nurturing creativity webinar” in the search window].

Abstract: In this 52:28-minute webinar, authors Dr. Rebecca Isbell and Sonia Yoshizawa talk about their book Nurturing Creativity: An Essential Mindset for Young Children’s Learning which provides information on inspiring creative thinking across all areas of learning.

Integration: The information presented in this webinar fits well with content presented in the early childhood course Creative Activities.

Content Focus: Classroom Environment; Communication; Creative Activities; Creativity; Critical Thinking; Flexible Thinking; Innovative; Problem-Solving; Supporting Statements

Notes: As students participate in this webinar, pause it so that they have time to document answers to the following questions the authors pose. What is one word you would use to describe creativity? How do we inspire and promote creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking (the “Four C’s”) in early childhood inclusive settings? How do you plan to move out of your comfort zone to create a classroom that inspires creativity? Are you a creative teacher? (For instance, do you follow some of the children’s ideas? Do you collaborate with other teachers and other co-workers?) Once you have finished the webinar, have students discuss their answers and how information from the webinar may have changed their viewpoints.