[R-0167] S7. Family and Community

Citation: Early Childhood Management Services (ECMS). (2016). Building partnerships with families. Video. Retrieved from site [or go to the YouTube site and enter “Building partnerships with families” in the search window].

Abstract: In this 5:43-minute video early childhood teachers and administrators describe how they encourage parent engagement in an early childhood education setting. Clips of teachers, parents, and children working and playing together are included.

Integration: The information offered by teachers and administrators in this video may be infused with content in the early childhood course Child, Family, and Community.

Content Focus: Access Support Services; Child, Family, and Community; Communication; Cultural Differences; Diverse Backgrounds; Facebook; Financial Support; Parent Engagement; Parent Response; Research; Story Path; Team Approach; Technology

Notes: Have students document the strategies and practices administrators and teachers in this video use to encourage parent involvement.