[R-0169] S7. Family and Community

Citation: Children’s Institute. (2015). Parents as partners: Engaging families in schools. Video. Retrieved from site [or go to the YouTube site and enter “Parents as partners: Engaging families in schools” in the search window].

Abstract: This 7:05-minute video details the evidence-based strategies one initiative used to engage parents in their children’s learning experiences. Slides showing parent, teacher, and child activities and practices are included and parent perspectives are shared.

Integration: The perspectives offered in this video may be infused with content in the early childhood courses Introduction to Early Childhood and Child, Family, and Community.

Content Focus: Child, Family, and Community; Early Works Initiative; Family Activities; Family Engagement; Inclusion; Integration; Introduction to Early Childhood; Job Skills Internship; Parent Engagement; Parent Perspectives; Parent Volunteers; Parents; Preschool

Notes: Have students discuss how the video supports a fundamental tenant of the Early Works Initiative: “When schools and communities invest in parent engagement, kids benefit.”