[R-0180] S8. Ethical Practice

Citation: NAEYC. (2016). Focus on ethics: Ethical issues-responsibilities and dilemmas. Webpage. Retrieved from site [or enter “NAEYC Focus on ethics: Ethical issues-responsibilities and dilemmas” in your search window].

Abstract: The information on this webpage is taken from a March 2016 article in Young Children in which the authors compare and contrast ethical responsibilities and ethical dilemmas.

Integration: The information offered on this webpage may be infused with content presented in the early childhood courses Introduction to Early Childhood Education and Practicum.

Content Focus: Introduction to Early Childhood; Ethical Issue; Ethical Responsibility; Ethics; National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct; Practicum

Notes: Have students present examples of ethical issues to the class so that they can discuss (a) whether the issue is an ethical responsibility or an ethical dilemma, and, if it is an ethical dilemma, (b) use the process presented on the webpage to determine an ethically defensible course of action.