[R-0181] S3. Child Development

Citation: STARNET: Early Childhood. (2016). Play-based learning…it’s more than fun and games. Video. Retrieved from site [or go to the YouTube site and enter “Play-based learning…it’s more than fun and games” in the search window].

Abstract: The purpose of this 43:05-minute video is to argue the case for the use of a play-based curriculum for young children and using learning standards as the foundation for planning for play. Clips of children and teachers playing in the classroom are included as well as tips for creating an environment that enhances the culture, climate, and conditions for learning.

Integration: The information provided in this video may be infused with content presented the early childhood courses Child Development; Curriculum Planning; and Social and Emotional Development.

Content Focus: Abstract Thinking; Brain Development; Brain-Based Research; Child Development; Curriculum Planning; Differentiated Learning; Differentiation; Dopamine; Early Interaction; Healthy Development; Formative Assessment; Learning Development; Learning Standards; Modeling; Motivation; Open-Ended Questions; Play-Based Assessment; Problem-Solving; Responsive Relationships; Self-Regulation; Social and Emotional Development

Notes: This video includes short assignments for students that can be used as discussion points in a group lesson.