[R-0186] S3. Child Development

Citation: Mayo Clinic. (2013). Reactive Attachment Disorder. Retrieved from site.

Abstract: At this site a comprehensive guide on reactive attachment disorder can be found which defines the condition and describes its symptoms, causes, risk factors, and complications. Tips on how to prepare for taking your child to a doctor or psychiatrist if you suspect reactive attachment disorder are provided. These tips are also helpful in guiding educators as they document behaviors that appear “atypical.” In addition, the criteria for diagnosis, issues related to diagnosis, treatment and drugs, coping and support, and prevention information is detailed.

Integration: Information from this site supports course content on maltreatment of children: abuse and neglect.

Content Focus: Child Abuse; Child Maltreatment; Child Neglect; Reactive Attachment Disorder; Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Notes: Comprehensive guides on other childhood conditions can be retrieved from http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/DiseasesIndex/DiseasesIndex.