[R-0191] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: Results Matter-Colorado. (Edelman, L. & Palacio, J.S.). (2013). Using the Project Approach in A Spanish-Speaking Preschool Classroom [video file]

Abstract: The speaker is a teacher whose students are preschoolers with Spanish as their primary language. Through the use of the Project Approach, he promotes family engagement, social skill acquisition, early writing and oral language skills, and the learning of vocabulary. His description of the Project Approach includes best practices such as using a cell phone camera and transferring pictures to an IPad to help activate prior knowledge students have been exposed to on field trips and outdoor activities. He also suggests observing students closely to see what they are especially interested in before beginning an in-depth-investigation.

Integration: Even though the speaker is a teacher of children whose primary language is Spanish, the descriptions of how he promotes family engagement, uses community resources, and implements the Project Approach to learning can be generalized to best practices in any preschool classroom.

Content Focus: Dual Language Learners; English Language Learners; Family Engagement; Language; Literacy; Project Approach; Spanish Speakers; Language and Literacy Experiences

Notes: [Results Matter Video Library]