[R-0198] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: EarlyChildhoodVideos. (2016). Supporting oral language development in dual language learners. Video. Retrieved from site [or go to the YouTube site and enter “Supporting oral language development in dual language learners” in the search window].

Abstract: This 10:49-minute video explores the importance of preserving a child’s first language, the four stages of English acquisition for dual language learners, and a multitude of strategies that teachers can implement to help dual language learners develop the oral language skills they need to become proficient English speakers. Clips of teachers and students learning together in an early childhood setting are included.

Integration: The information provided in this video may be infused with content presented in the early childhood courses Child Development, Curriculum Planning, Language and Literacy Experiences, Practicum, and Social and Emotional Development.

Content Focus: Child Development; Co-Teaching; Cognate; Cultural Differences; Curriculum Planning; Diversity; Dual Language Learners; English Acquisition; English Language Learners; Language and Literacy Experiences; Oral Language Skills; Parallel Talk; Peer Mentoring; Play Practicum; Repeated Phrases; Rhyming; Self-Talk; Social and Emotional Development; Storytime; Teaching Strategies

Notes: Have students discuss the information and skills they acquired from this video that they will use as teachers in an early childhood setting.