[R-0199] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: IRIS Center. (2017). Evidence-based practices (Part 3): Evaluating learner outcomes and fidelity. Module. Retrieved from site [or enter “IRIS Center Modules” in your search window. Under IRIS Resource Topics, click on Early Intervention/Early Childhood and then click on Modules and Evidence-Based Practices (Part 3)].

Abstract: After completing this two-hour module, students will be able to monitor and evaluate child progress, understand how to monitor and evaluate fidelity of implementation, and know how to examine the relation between student outcomes and fidelity of implementation to make decisions regarding an evidence-based practice or program.

Integration: The information presented in this module fits well with content presented in the early childhood courses Child Guidance, Curriculum Planning, Exploration Activities, and Language and Learning Experiences.

Content Focus: Adherence; Child Guidance; Child Progress; Curriculum Planning; Duration; Evaluation; Evidence-Based Practices; Exploration Activities; Fidelity of Implementation; Language and Learning Experiences; Monitoring; Quality of Delivery; Student Outcomes

Notes: Student activities and assessments are included in this module.