[R-0200] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: IRIS Center. (2017). Related services: Common supports for students with disabilities. Module. Retrieved from site [or enter “IRIS Center Modules” in your search window. Under IRIS Resource Topics, click on Early Intervention/Early Childhood and then click on Modules and Related Services: Common Supports for Students with Disabilities].

Abstract: After completing this two-hour module, students will be able to define related services, describe who can provide related services and how they can be delivered, and identify and describe some of the related services most commonly used in schools.

Integration: The information provided in this module fits well with content presented in any and every early childhood education course.

Content Focus: Audiology Services; Assistive Technology (AT), Child Development; Curriculum Planning; Disabilities; Early Identification; Infants, Toddlers, and Twos; Interpreting Services; Occupational Therapy Services; Physical Therapy Services; Psychological Services; Related Services; Social Work Services; Speech-Language Pathology Services;

Notes: Student activities and assessments are included in this module.