[R-0207] S4. Instructional Planning

Citation: The University of Maine: Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies. (2014). Inclusive early childhood education. Tipsheet.  Retrieved from https://ccids.umaine.edu/resources/ec-growingideas/foundations/ [or enter “Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies: Inclusive early childhood education” in your search window; click on Resources, then on Growing Ideas Tipsheets and Resources for Guiding Early Childhood Practices, and then on Foundations of Inclusive Early Care and Education].

Abstract: This tipsheet provides information for families, educators, and administrators that will help them understand the characteristics of inclusive early childhood education and why it is important.

Integration: The content in this tipsheet fits well with content presented in the early childhood courses, Child, Family, and Community; Child Development; Creative Activities; Curriculum Planning; Exploration Activities; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Language and Literacy Experiences; and Social and Emotional Development.

Content Focus: Access; Child Development; Child, Family, and Community; Creative Activities; Curriculum Planning; Division of Early Childhood (DEC); Exploration Activities; Inclusion; Inclusive Early Childhood Education; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Language and Literacy Experiences; National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); Physical Environment; Social and Emotional Development; Teaching Strategies

Notes: Have students use the Growing Ideas Into Action Handout (PDF) as they read and use this tipsheet. Additional information may be retrieved from Virtual Tool Kit: Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Selected Resources: Inclusive Early Childhood Education.