[R-0208] S8. Ethical Practice

Citation: The University of Maine: Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies. (2014). Confidentiality: Respecting the privacy of all families. Tipsheet.  Retrieved from https://ccids.umaine.edu/resources/ec-growingideas/program-plan-admin/ [or enter “Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies: Confidentiality: Respecting the privacy of all families” in your search window; click on Resources, then on Growing Ideas Tipsheets and Resources for Guiding Early Childhood Practices, and then on Program Planning and Administration].

Abstract: This tipsheet provides information for early childhood educators and administrators that will help them understand what it means to maintain confidentiality and how care and education professionals honor their legal and ethical obligation to maintain family privacy.

Integration: The content in this tipsheet fits well with content presented in the early childhood courses, Child, Family, and Community and Introduction to Early Childhood Education.

Content Focus: Child, Family, and Community; Confidentiality Practices; Ethical Obligation; Ethical Practices; Family Privacy; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Legal Obligation; Parental Consent

Notes: Have students use the Growing Ideas Into Action Handout (PDF) as they read and use this tipsheet. Additional information may be retrieved from Confidentiality: Respecting the Privacy of All Families — Learning Links.