[R-0376] S7. Family and Community

Citation: The Arc. (2008). Position statement: Early childhood services. Retrieved from http://www.thearc.org/document.doc?id=3650

Abstract: The ARC is the largest national community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. It supports individuals of all ages and all spectrums those on the autism spectrum and those identified with Down syndrome, Fragile X, and various other developmental disabilities. With nearly 700 state and local chapters, it continues to provide access to the information, advocacy, and skills individuals with disabilities need to participate as active citizens and members of the community. This position statement focuses on the rights of young children who are at risk for or who have been identified with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to high quality, affordable developmental services in natural environments.

Integration: Another course in which this resource could be used is Infants, Toddlers, and Twos.

Content Focus: Advocacy; Developmental Disabilities; Disabilities; Disability Rights; Early Intervention; Intellectual Disabilities; Child, Family, and Community

Notes: Additional information on this and other topics may be retrieved from The ARC website at http://www.thearc.org/. Of particular interest for scholars is the I Am an Educator webpage retrieved from the ARC website at http://www.thearc.org/i-am/an-educator.