[R-0441] S2. Instructional Strategies

Citation: John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. (2014). Start with the arts. Retrieved from link [or enter “Start with the arts instructional program” in your search window and then at the Kennedy Center website, click on “Full Start with Arts Program.pdf” link]

Abstract: Instructors will use this resource to provide scholar with resources and information that will help them promote the development and learning of children in the areas of visual arts, creative dramatics, dance and creative movement, and music.

Integration: “The arts are an excellent vehicle for engaging young children in learning, sharing learning experiences, and thinking about what they have learned. Through interacting with the art forms, children have opportunities to create and communicate new knowledge in a meaningful context. Using experiences in the arts as a common base, teachers can build a language-rich and meaningful environment for children by stimulating discussion, responding to children’s natural curiosity, encouraging and modeling language use, and fostering the development of inquiry skills. Through carefully constructed learning experiences in the classroom and at home, Start with the Arts engages young children in developing important expressive and receptive verbal and nonverbal communication skills through the arts.” (p. 12)

Content Focus: Creative Activities; Kennedy Center

Notes: This resource will help scholars create lesson plans that meet the individual needs of their students.