[R-0442] S3. Child Development

Citation: Best Start Resource Center. (2011). Children on track-case scenarios. Retrieved from http://www.beststart.org/resources/hlthy_chld_dev/pdf/on_track_case_studies_book.pdf [or enter “children on track-case scenarios” in your search window]

Abstract: Instructors will use this resource to provide scholar practice in identifying a child’s strengths, typical and atypical behavior, and risk factors. Scholars will learn how to read a case study and after identifying student needs, discuss concerns with family and select beneficial supports and services.

Integration: Developers of this resource do not support a “wait and see” approach adopted in the past due to the wide range of individuality in development. They believe that this approach resulted in children with developmental concerns being identified later and the loss of valuable time when brain development can be positively and fundamentally influenced.

Content Focus: Best Start Resource Center; Case Studies

Notes: This resource provides case studies for scholars so that they can practice identifying a child’s strengths, typical and atypical behavior, risk factors, discussion points with parents, and possible next steps for instruction and supports.