[R-0446] S7. Family and Community

Citation: Rideout,V., & Katz,V.S (2016). Opportunity for all? Technology and learning in lower-income families. [pdf]. Retrieved from: [site] [or enter Opportunity for all? Technology and learning in lower-income families.in your search window]

Abstract: Recent research on digital media use points to two important gaps in educational opportunity for low-income families with young children. First, there is an access gap. Second, there is what scholars refer to as a participation gap, in which digital resources are not well guided or supported to ensure educational progress. Despite these barriers, many low-income families are using media and new technologies in creative ways to support their children’s pathways to success and to strengthen family relationships. In this report, two media and policy experts explore the current uses of digital technologies to help promote educational opportunities for all through a national survey of nearly 1,200 low-income parents of school-age children and in-person interviews with lower-income, Hispanic families in three communities located in Arizona, California, and Colorado.

Integration: “Most parents feel comfortable and confident with technology, and they have an overwhelmingly positive view about the advantages it can offer their children. Parents and siblings are serving as resources for one another to learn how to engage meaningfully with digital tools.”

Content Focus: Assistive Technology; Internet Use; Low-Income Families; Children in Poverty; Child, Family, and Community

Notes: Scholars may be encouraged to have a discussion about strategies to make learning-used technology tools more accessible to children in poverty.