[R-0467] S3: Child Development

Citation: U.S Department of Education (2017). Early Learning: Talk, Read, and Sing! Tip Sheets for Families, Caregivers, and Early Learning Educators. Retrieved from [link] [or enter “Tip Sheets for Families, Caregivers, and Early Learning Educators” in your search window]

Abstract: This ed.gov webpage presents information on and links to tip sheets for families, caregivers, and early learning educators. Tip sheets cover content and activities in the following topic areas: Fostering Healthy Social and Emotional Development in Young Children; Let’s Talk, Read, and Sing about STEM; and Talk Read and Sing Together Every Day!

Integration: Content on these tips sheets not only fits well with content within Child, Family, and Community, but also Child Development, Language and Literacy Experiences, and Infant, Toddler, and Twos courses. Instructors may integrate content from the tip sheets with content provided in the DEC Recommended Practices with Embedded Examples, especially those in topic areas Environments, Family, Instruction, and Interaction. [http://www.dec-sped.org/dec-recommended-practices].

Content Focus: Bilingual; Child Development; Child Guidance; Child, Family, and Community; Emotional Awareness; English Language Learners; Infant, Toddler, and Twos; Interactions; Language and Literacy Experiences; Reading; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM); Self-Regulation; Social-Emotional Development; Singing; Social Interaction

Notes: Instructors may ask students to collaborate in small groups as they review content on these tip sheets and document the related DEC Recommended Practices. Students can also brainstorm ideas for sharing the information on the tip sheets in different ways other than distributing them among families, caregivers, and early learning educators.